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Our students have the resilience, tenacity, adaptability and confidence to succeed in anything they set out to achieve.

E tū māia ō tātou rangatahi kia whai hua i te ao hurihuri, hei aha te aha.

We are developing our students to become self-managing young adults rather than children.

The personalisation of programmes and learner agency are a priority. Pedagogies will offer a variety of learning experiences and encourage students to reflect on their own learning.

How we deliver the curriculum will enhance student agency, student choice about the direction and mode of their learning, as well as providing variety in students’ learning experiences.

Photo: April Spence, Marlborough Girls' College

How will we achieve the aspiration?


  • Sustainability in terms of building materials and processes and also in terms of future-proofing the buildings and facilities.

  • After-hours access to some spaces for students, staff and community.

  • Student and staff collaboration is enabled and encouraged.

  • Flexible enough to allow for changes in the size and configuration of spaces to suit different groups and purposes – this could include moveable walls or display screens etc.

  • Role of the form teacher/whānau tutor/coach/mentor in supporting development of self-management (e.g. careers, option selection, goal setting).

What space will be required to enable the aspiration?


  • A variety of spaces both small (for 10-20 students) and large (up to 60 students) to allow for multiple purposes including individual work, peer and small group learning, direct teaching, performance and celebration

  • Access to hot and cold water in learning spaces to enable students to prepare drinks.

  • Spaces to support courses run through correspondence with either Te Kura or providers of distance tertiary courses.  

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