What is an Education Brief?

The colleges’ Education Brief provides the basis for the design and build of the new schools. The Brief was informed by feedback provided by the Marlborough community and school staff during the public consultation process and survey held in 2017 and through extensive best-practice research.

What happens to the Education Brief now?

The completed Education Brief was sent to the Ministry of Education at the end of 2017. Once a site has been confirmed for the co-located colleges, the brief will be used by the Ministry and the project’s architects to inform the design of the site and of both colleges.

When is the new site going to be announced?

The Ministry of Education is still working to identify an appropriate site. This has not impacted on the planning process towards the relocation of the new schools.


What was the goal of the public consultation?

The co-location of the colleges is a major investment in Marlborough's future education. The consultation was aimed at ensuring our planning for the future of the two schools was fit-for-purpose to meet the needs and aspirations of our community.

Where will the future colleges be located?

The Ministry of Education is yet to confirm the site for the colleges. In the meantime we're planning for how we teach and learn in the new schools' environment - both individually and across the shared space.

Is it going to be a Public-Private Partnership (PPP)?

A project of this size is required to be considered for a PPP contractual arrangement.


The Ministry is required to develop a business case to determine whether a PPP will provide good value for money compared to a traditional building project.

What is included in a PPP?

A PPP is a contractual arrangement whereby the private sector design, build, finance and maintain the school for 25 years. It brings the property services into a single contract to gain efficiencies through working together.

Under the traditional model design, construction and maintenance of the schools are usually provided by private sector companies but under multiple contracts. It does not deliver any educational services, but it does allow the Principal and teaching staff to reduce time spent on property matters as this is covered by the PPP provider.

Do we get to help decide the architect?

It depends on the type of contractual arrangement that is procured. Regardless of the contractual arrangement, the architects will tender based on delivering our education brief.


The Educational Brief drives the design outcome and architect will design the campus based on the content of the education brief. The education brief is developed by the school and users of the school and is a back and forth process in the secondary planning phase.

What impact did the Kaikoura Earthquake have on the co-location and its planning?
The earthquake had minimal impact on the co-location planning.
Where is the evidence that Innovative Learning Environments (ILEs) work?
ILE is not a concrete concept. Innovative practice is defined by the educators who use the best evidence available and their own inquiry to influence the designing of environments that will flexibly support the activities.
The focus is the best possible learning and skills development for their students (which goes beyond NCEA achievement) so that they thrive in their future.

Photo: Sudhir Duppati, Marlborough Boys' College

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