Creativity & Innovation




Our students apply creative & innovative thinking to their work, providing them with a solid foundation for future problem-solving.

Kitea ana i ngā mahi o ngā ākonga te tangongitanga o te matatau o rātou kia hīraurau ai i ngā raruraru.

The schools will provide an environment where it is safe for students and staff to take risks with their learning.

We will provide spaces and opportunities for students to experiment, develop enterprise skills, and to create.

How will we achieve the aspiration?


  • Professional development focused on inquiry. Sharing within departments and between teachers in each school and cross-school is made easier. Co-teaching is encouraged and used as a vehicle for opening up the classroom.

  • Student voice and data is used to guide decision making and encourage change.

  • Using real world contexts that provide opportunities for students to learn and experiment.

  • Curriculum delivery focuses on problem solving and critical thinking through inquiry, and cross-curricular collaboration will be encouraged.

What space will be required to enable the aspiration?


  • Learning spaces that support more than one teacher working with up to 60 students.

  • Large break out spaces to accommodate group work, discussions.

  • Smaller break out spaces to support more focused learning, quiet spaces for recording or private discussions.

  • Spaces that are open, welcoming and encourage students, teachers, community to come into a space rather than be a barrier.

  • Flexible and agile spaces to allow changes to the curriculum delivery to be easily made – so the spaces could be used by several different subjects with minimal disruption.

  • A wet/maker space area to support hands on modelling or creative construction. 

  • Easy access between different learning settings which provide students and teachers the opportunity to choose best setting for particular activities and maker space/quiet thinking spaces.

  • Definition between noisy collaboration and small group focus spaces.

Photo: Josh Thomas, Marlborough Boys' College

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