Two schools.

One campus.


We're working to ensure our students have the skills and attributes to tackle existing and future challenges to make our community, our nation and our world a better place.

Marlborough's Girls' and Boys' Colleges are relocating to a new shared campus in 2021, opening new opportunities to what students learn and how they learn it.

The schools will remain single-sex, however the co-location provides students and staff with greater opportunities to collaborate, learn and grow.

The $63 million project is a major investment in the future of secondary education in Marlborough. Through this website, newsletters and ongoing communications, we aim to keep the Marlborough community informed and involved in progress towards the co-location to a new site.

The new-build enables both colleges to take advantage of shared and separate learning spaces, to enhance the delivery of secondary education in Marlborough.

The new shared campus is planned to open in 2021, and planning is underway to determine how the two schools will operate - separately and collaboratively - in new purpose-built learning facilities.


Photo: April Spence, Marlborough Girls' College


College staff visit a school site in Christchurch

Marlborough's colleges are poised to be at the forefront of teaching and learning methods in New Zealand.

The Marlborough community opted for a co-located model on a greenfields site following extensive consultation by the Ministry of Education in 2015.

The co-location will mean that both colleges are relocated onto one site but will remain single-sex schools.

While the Ministry is working to secure a location for the new colleges' campus, the schools are working together to prepare for a co-located learning environment.


Staff from both colleges have visited new schools and Innovative Learning Environments in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Nelson, and internationally, to understand the opportunities for future learning environments and practices in Marlborough.


The colleges worked together to deliver an Education Brief to the Ministry of Education in December 2017.

The brief outlines how the colleges will both operate on the new site, based on the aspirations and priorities of the Marlborough community and what facilities and resources the schools will need.

The brief provides the basis for the design and build of the new schools.


The Ministry of Education is yet to announce a site for the future co-located colleges.

While the future site is yet to be confirmed, the colleges have submitted an Education Brief to the Ministry.

The Education Brief outlines the community's expectations and aspirations for learners at the colleges, and how they plan to operate on a shared campus - together and separately.

A vision, co-location principles, and set of community aspirations were developed for public consultation in 2017.

The Education Brief was informed by this consultation, and through research by the schools into best practice learning environments.

The Brief outlines how the schools intend to deliver quality secondary education in Marlborough that meets the needs and aspirations of our students and our community, and how we plan to do this in a single-sex, co-located environment.

Your input into reviewing and providing feedback on these was invaluable for the development of the Education Brief for the colleges, and for guiding future learning in Marlborough.


August - September 2017

October-November 2017

December 2017



Community consultation

Best-practice Innovative Learning Environment research

Colleges' Co-location Vision and Principles, and Education Brief finalised

Vision, Principles and Education Brief delivered to Ministry of Education

Trialling of Innovative Learning Spaces

Preparation for move to new site

Planned relocation to new shared campus

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